Do you know the advantages of outdoor flashlights

Do you know the advantages of outdoor flashlights

October 15 ,2021

1. Power saving

At present, outdoor flashlights usually use 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries as the power source, and the continuous lighting time of strong light is usually 2.5 hours, which requires us to bring spare batteries as needed. At the same time, in the actual use process, proper selection of medium light or low light illumination is beneficial to prolong the lighting time of the flashlight. In addition, you can also consider choosing to use a multi-cell battery-powered flashlight, so that the battery life will be longer.

2. Multiple gears

Many friends who choose outdoor flashlights for the first time always feel that the operation of multi-stage flashlights is too cumbersome. In fact, it is necessary for outdoor flashlights to have multiple gears, at least with strong light, low light, and flashing functions. Single-position flashlights are not flexible enough. A flashlight with medium or low light can be switched at the right time, which helps to dissipate heat and prolong the lighting time of the flashlight. The emergence of multi-level dimming technology makes the brightness and battery life appear on the same flashlight.

3. High brightness

The environment for outdoor activities is complex, and no one can guarantee what you will encounter. When high-brightness lighting is required, a flashlight is very dangerous. At the same time, the long-range light can also make it easier for others to spot when encountering an emergency.