Do you know the common UV flashlight light source?

2022-09-27 16:41:08

LED UV lamps mainly cover point light sources, line light sources and surface light sources. The principle of the three luminous light sources is the same, the difference is that the spot form is different. Let's take a look at it in detail:

①Point light source Generally, the light emitted by a single uvled lamp bead produces a point-shaped ultraviolet light spot, which is called a point light source. For example, the single lamp bead LED used in our commonly used 365nm ultraviolet flashlights and 395 ultraviolet flashlights is a point light source.

②Linear light source refers to the arrangement of a plurality of uvled lamp beads in a row, which emits a linear ultraviolet light spot when working, so it is called a line light source;

③The surface light source is composed of many uvled lamp beads, according to different arrangements and combinations, to form a planar light spot, which is the source of the surface light source.