Do you know what are the characteristics of the rechargeable headlamp?

2022-03-30 11:50:38

The rechargeable headlamp is an important piece of equipment, but the battery must be removed when not in use to avoid corrosion. A small number of rechargeable headlamps are waterproof or even water-resistant. If you think waterproofing is very important, buy such waterproof bulbs, but it is best to be rain-proof, because the weather in the wild cannot be manipulated by yourself.

The rechargeable headlamp holder needs to have a comfortable cushion, some of which are like a pen hanging on the ear; the switch of the lamp holder must be durable, and it should not be turned on by itself when it is placed in a backpack, wasting power or some situations will occur. The switch design of the lamp holder is the most suitable. The good thing is a groove. If you think there will be problems during the process, it is best to stick it with a patch, take out the light bulb or take out the battery.

Bulbs don't last long, it's best to carry spare bulbs for use. Bulbs such as halogen krypton argon generate heat and are brighter than vacuum tube bulbs. Although the use will be high amperage and shorten battery life, most bulbs will be marked with amperage. Count at the bottom.
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