Does the multifunctional flashlight need to be charged?

2022-10-24 10:01:24

Flashlights can be regarded as a must-have item in each of our homes. There are still many uses for power outage lighting, lighting for item maintenance, lighting for going out at night, lighting for outdoor activities, etc.

In the above different usage scenarios, our requirements for flashlights are not the same. For example, on unfamiliar roads outdoors, we want high brightness. If you are doing maintenance near the door of your home, you only need the general brightness.

After the flashlight is out of power, there are generally two ways to replace the battery and charge it. Are the multi-function flashlights rechargeable? Do I need to buy the battery separately?

Generally speaking, multi-function flashlights use more lithium batteries, which can be charged and reused after use. No need for you to buy a battery replacement every time you run out of power.

Take STAR's multi-function flashlight as an example. It comes with a 1800mAh lithium battery. When using the front light, it can continue to illuminate for 3~4 hours, and when using the side light, it can continue to illuminate for 4~5 hours. After no power, it can be charged for 3 hours. The duration of continuous lighting is still very good.