Handheld led flashlights|Introduction to the three switch types of LED flashlights

2021-09-18 16:11:28

handheld led flashlights
With the development of electronic manufacturing technology, the market is now flooded with various flashlight series. For ordinary users, there are more choices, and sometimes it is more difficult to make a decision. Many people think that the switch design of the flashlight is a very important part of the purchase decision, because it determines the convenience of the operation and carrying of the flashlight. Then let's talk about the three most common switch types on the market today.
①Bottom button switch
The bottom button switch is generally designed on the back of the bottom cover of the flashlight, and only needs to be operated with one hand with the thumb. There are usually two push-button switches: forward switch and reverse switch. Forward switch: half-press the switch to turn on, loosen it to turn off, and re-press it to reach the locked state. At this time, half-pressing has no response, and the lock is unlocked after pressing it again, and the current loop is disconnected. Reverse switch: half-pressing the switch has no response. Pressing it again means it is turned on and reaches the locked state. At this time, half-pressing it is off, and releasing it after half-pressing it will remain in the on-state. Pressing it again means it will turn off. It may be more troublesome to say, but in fact it is relatively simple. Basically, as long as you have actually operated it, you can distinguish what kind of switch it is. Most button switches have a memory function. The flashlight will "remember" the mode before it is turned off each time. When the flashlight is restarted next time, it will automatically start in the mode it was turned off last time. But one of the disadvantages of this button switch is that it is easy to be accidentally lit. If you accidentally touch the switch in your bag, the flashlight will start on its own, which will lose power inadvertently. Moreover, if the switch is not well designed, it will also reduce the possibility of handstands.
②Press the switch on the side of the barrel
The side-press switch of the barrel has been used in flashlights a long time ago and is one of the oldest switches. Especially for many users of large flashlights, this kind of hand-held switch is very convenient. Just like the button at the bottom, you only need to hold the flashlight, and you can start the flashlight with a light press of your thumb, but there is a danger of accidental lighting. And if the side-press switch is too badly designed, some people will find it a little difficult to find the position of the switch in a dark environment.
③Head rotary switch
The head rotation switch is to adjust the flashlight mode by twisting the head and barrel. One obvious shortcoming of this switch is that it requires two-handed operation, which reduces the convenience, but it reduces the possibility of accidental lighting of the button switch. In order to make up for the shortcomings of the two, many manufacturers will design two switches on the same flashlight, combining the push-button type and the rotary type. This caters to the needs of those who like the style of rotary switches, but don't want the flashlight to light up accidentally.
handheld led flashlights