How to choose a good flashlights

2021-05-17 16:27:15

How to choose the best flashlights? Many friends often ask this question. The following equipment boss talks about this problem!


Before answering this question, let's briefly understand what is a glare flashlights and what are the characteristics of a glare flashlights. Strong light flashlights refers to a flashlights with very high light intensity using LED as the light source. It has the characteristics of durability, reliability, adaptability to harsh environments, power saving, and simple maintenance.

Flashlights are divided into 4 categories according to brightness: low brightness, medium brightness, high brightness, and extremely bright. The materials generally include plastic, aviation aluminum, titanium alloy, pure copper, stainless steel, etc., mainly aviation aluminum, which has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good heat dissipation, and wear resistance.

Therefore, the choice of flashlights should meet the following conditions: long range, good light concentration; waterproof; with a variety of working modes; long shelf life; choose a manufacturer with good product quality.