How to choose a multifunctional flashlight?

How to choose a multifunctional flashlight?

October 24 ,2022

If there must be something in the home, then the flashlight should be considered the same, such as sudden power failure, going out at night, and some maintenance work, we all need to use the flashlight.

Let's take you to understand how to choose a flashlight!

When purchasing, mainly look at these points: brightness, battery durability, use environment, weight, and price. The following are explained in turn:

1. Brightness

If it is an outdoor activity, the road section is unfamiliar and difficult to walk, then a strong light is needed to illuminate the road ahead. If it is an ordinary night road, a more familiar road section, you do not need such a strong brightness.

It is recommended to have a variety of brightness that can be adjusted, which can be suitable for a variety of usage scenarios.

2. Battery durability

When we use a flashlight, we definitely don’t want it to run out of power after a long time. The battery needs to be replaced and charged, so how long the battery can last for lighting needs to be considered.

3. Weight

If you need to carry it with you, then this is a factor to consider, a flashlight that is too heavy and too large is not convenient to carry.

4. Price

The price of multifunctional flashlights varies from dozens to hundreds. However, it is recommended that you choose the big brand, the price is moderate, to avoid buying back the quality is not good, it is difficult to return.

5. Use environment

Some are used in arctic, diving and other environments, but most of us do not have this requirement. For us, a certain waterproof function is enough to use.