How to choose Headlamp?

How to choose Headlamp?

July 29 ,2022

1. Battery

Most of the electricity used in headlamp is divided into: dry batteries, lithium batteries and both:
Dry battery: high stability, will not get darker with more use, and at the same time have to change the battery, do not worry about the problem of power failure.
Lithium battery: On the contrary, the more you use it, the darker it will be, but the usb is more durable after being fully charged, and you can use it while you are plugging it in. If you go to the snowy mountains, the lithium battery will perform better.

2. Water resistance

Taking into account the sudden change of weather, the waterproofness is one of the considerations.

3. Scope

According to a good individual, some systems have a wide range, but the luminosity is relatively scattered, which is suitable for mountain climbing.

4. Sensitivity and size

Because 90% of the time the headlamp are put on the head and turned on first, so the sensitivity, size, etc. are greatly affected.

5. Additional Features

Such as: flashing mode, distress signal, several dimming, etc.

You need to pay attention when purchasing. Among them, the flashing mode is the most important, because you can use it to ask for help in case of an accident, and at the same time, you can indicate the back when you take the lead, and the practicability is high.