How to choose the light of the flashlight

How to choose the light of the flashlight

February 26 ,2022

The first thing a flashlight looks at is definitely the light. Many things need to be distinguished by different lighting effects to distinguish the shape, size, color, etc. of things, so from the lighting, we can divide it into three types: white light, medium white light and warm white light.

Usually LEDs have three types of light colors, the color rendering index of sunlight is 100%, and high-quality white LEDs are generally around 75%. The outline of the object can be judged with high brightness outdoors, but the details must be supported by good color rendering.

The white light LED emits light according to the blue light emitted by the chip, and then excited the phosphor to emit yellow light, which is mixed into white light. Its brightness is better, but the color rendering is slightly worse. In outdoor sports, if you need to explore the way or do not have high requirements for the color and details of the observed object, white light is the best.

The LED color rendering index of high-quality medium white light has a significant improvement compared with white light. Its color rendering index can reach 80%. It can better judge the details of objects when outdoors, and its brightness is also better. Compared with white light, The color will be warmer.

Medium white light is between white light and warm white light. It has good color rendering, the beam is not monochromatic light, and the proportion of yellow light in the light increases, which is more suitable for outdoor sports use, and the yellowish LED has a higher efficiency chip. , so the flashlight with medium and white light is best under the same high brightness.

As the name suggests, warm white lighting means that there are more warm colors in its light source, so its light is warmer and the color rendering is better. However, the color of warm white light is yellowish, so its brightness is relatively low, and the light color is relatively dim, and it will dye objects like incandescent lamps.