How to install and maintain the strong light flashlight

2022-08-19 08:59:20

If the LED light does not light up when using a strong light flashlight, you must first determine the fault, check the battery, check the tail cover switch, and check whether the threads are loose or not. Maintenance and inspection method of strong light flashlight: If the LED light does not light up, please follow the following methods for preliminary maintenance:
To determine the fault: unscrew the tail to expose the negative electrode of the battery, use a metal piece such as scissors or tweezers to connect the negative electrode of the battery and the exposed unoxidized part of the strong light flashlight next to the battery to see if it lights up. If yes, it is the problem of the strong light bulb switch, please check according to step 3; if it still does not light up, please check whether the soldering at the connection between the circuit compartment and the circuit board is open or weak, and if so, please re-solder Solve the problem.
Check the battery: Make sure that the battery is charged and installed in the correct direction. Do not use different types of batteries, and do not mix old and new batteries.
Check the tail cover switch: unscrew the tail of the LED flashlight, you can see that there is a switch pressure ring with two concave points on the outer ring of the switch spring, use tweezers or scissors to pin it on the concave point and rotate clockwise to check the switch pressure Whether the ring is loose, make sure that the switch pressing ring is tightly pressed on the switch and cannot be loose.
Before overhauling, please make sure that the threads of the explosion-proof flashlight are tightened without loosening.