How to install the headlight strap | bright head lamp

2021-12-13 16:52:00

When buying a headlamp, the manufacturer will definitely provide an instruction manual, just follow the steps in the manual. In fact, the installation method of the headband is very simple. You only need to fix it on the top of the head. Because it is an elastic band, it will automatically adjust the size to fit your head circumference. It will never appear during the wearing process. Falling off the situation.

How to fix the headlight on the helmet?

There is a metal card slot for the headlamp on the front of the helmet, and a metal card inserted into the card slot is on the back of the headlamp lamp. When wearing and installing, align the metal card of the headlight with the metal card slot of the helmet firmly, fix the battery of the headlight (usually fixed on the belt), and arrange the power cord. When in use, the headlight can be removed at any time for inspection as needed, and then stuck on the helmet after use.
bright head lamp
bright head lamp