Introduction of some common flashlight types

Introduction of some common flashlight types

February 26 ,2022

1. Trekking flashlight

The walking speed is slow, so generally do not need too high brightness, but the walking time is generally long, so it is suitable to choose a light flashlight with a long battery life. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account moderate condensing and flooding. However, the general leader still needs a flashlight with a bright light and a long range, which is conducive to leading the team to explore the terrain.

2. Camping torch

Camping generally does not require a high-brightness flashlight, but because of camping, it requires better floodlight, a wider field of vision, and a longer battery life. If possible, it can last for 7-8 hours. , that can last a night best. In addition, there will be some activities or parties in the camping at night, you can wear a diffuser, and the light is the best helper to create an atmosphere.

3. Night rider flashlight

Night riding flashlights are also called cycling flashlights. Cycling is faster than walking, so there are higher requirements for the brightness and battery life of the flashlight than the walking flashlight. Cycling flashlights require high requirements for both floodlight and spotlight, which is conducive to operation and clamping. As for the weight, it is not as high as an outdoor flashlight, so you can choose a flashlight with a relatively large volume and a high number of lumens.

4. Hunting flashlight

Hunting flashlights have high requirements on brightness, so that you can clearly observe every move of the prey. In addition, the hunting terrain is intricate, and high-brightness flashlights can have a better grasp of the terrain. Secondly, hunting, especially at night, is not a very long-term exercise, so the battery life can be shorter, but the flashlight is required to be strong, resistant to falling, and has good impact resistance, so as not to be damaged by the mechanical impact of some future backlash. Hunting flashlights do not need good floodlight, but they must be well concentrated, and the sensitivity of the flashlight is high, that is, it can make you more handy in the hunting process.