Introduction to the advantages of outdoor flashlights

Introduction to the advantages of outdoor flashlights

October 15 ,2021

1. Stable performance and high reliability

Outdoor sports require lighting tools to be "available at any time and function." Lighting tools with poor reliability are fatal if they cannot work at critical moments, and the most serious may lead to life-threatening. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle for choosing outdoor sports lighting tools. Stable quality and good environmental adaptability are the first considerations when purchasing outdoor flashlights.

2. Good waterproof performance

Compared with ordinary household use, outdoor flashlights need to solve the waterproof problem first. The waterproof standard is above IPX-4. Of course, it is not a problem to resist rain. In a sense, waterproofing is also the content of outdoor reliability. . Outdoor flashlights often have good sealing performance and are protected by multiple waterproof rubber rings to ensure sufficient waterproof capacity.

3. Easy to carry

Outdoor flashlights should be as easy to carry as possible, do not increase the load when going out, and save energy. Generally, personal outdoor flashlights should be controlled within 100g. The shape of the strong light outdoor flashlight is not suitable for being too large, and the weight is recommended to be controlled within 200 grams.