Notes on choosing a flashlight

Notes on choosing a flashlight

October 15 ,2021

Camping: The floodlight must be good, and the need for brightness is low, but you must choose an outdoor flashlight with a long battery life. It is best to continuously illuminate for more than the night. Such a flashlight has advantages in convenience and cost of use.

Night riding: Because the speed is faster, it needs good brightness, and it also has higher requirements for battery life. It is best to achieve 4 hours of continuous lighting. Floodlight is more important for night riding, and the condensing part should not be too concentrated. Night riding flashlights are not sensitive to weight, so in order to meet performance requirements, you can choose a larger flashlight, and pay attention to whether it is good for operation and whether it is good for holding.

Search: The requirements for brightness are almost as bright as possible. Range is also very important. Weight and volume have to be considered second, and bright and large flashlights can be selected.

Diving: The diving flashlight emphasizes absolute waterproofness and reliability, the brightness requirements are also high, and the lighting time is enough. The requirements for volume and weight are not harsh, and the hand-held lamps are appropriately large to facilitate holding, and the flexibility of use is good, and the switch must be able to resist water pressure. Therefore, it is better to have a hand strap with a locking function to prevent it from accidentally falling off.