Outdoor sports headlights are essential

2022-10-24 11:07:41

Anyone who loves cross-country running or outdoor sports knows that it is really inconvenient to hold a flashlight in hand when people run, climb on mountain roads or carry equipment down the mountain.

Especially when running for fun, holding a flashlight in your hand will keep shaking even if you hold the light. Wearing a headlight on your head is the most practical. However, many headlights are of unreliable quality, either with insufficient light intensity or insufficient waterproofing, and cannot be used with a little rain. How important quality headlights are to fun runners and outdoor enthusiasts.

L-shaped lamp head corner lamp, 90-degree right-angle L-shaped corner flashlight first appeared in the US military equipment during World War II. The corner lamp is widely popular because of its multi-purpose, and it is a reliable lighting partner when traveling outdoors.

The headlight is equipped with a rope hole and a magnetic tail cover, which can be hand-held for lighting, or can be clipped on the bag belt, hat brim, and trousers pocket for lighting, or can be hung on a lanyard to free your hands, and the magnetic tail cover can be absorbed Lighting on anything iron. After turning on the light, it can stand on the table as ambient lighting. The two-way holding clip can be clipped on the backpack strap, which can illuminate the front and free your hands when walking. When paired with a magnetic headband, it can be used as a headlight, making it much more convenient for fun running or mountain trails at night, instead of holding a flashlight while holding other equipment.

When traveling outdoors and off-road fun running, wearing headlights will give you a more sense of security. Even in the dark, I will illuminate myself!