People in the oil industry will choose bright flashlight

2021-11-19 16:32:01

LED explosion-proof strong light flashlight refers to a strong light flashlight that uses LED as the explosion-proof light source. Its purpose is to prevent the surrounding explosive gas environment, explosive dust environment, gas and other explosive mixtures, and use explosion-proof or intrinsically safe explosion-proof lamps. In addition, the explosion-proof strong light flashlight using LED light source is also due to its excellent energy-saving and environmental protection advantages and high-efficiency light-emitting characteristics. It is precisely because the LED explosion-proof strong light flashlight is widely used in oil fields-fuel processing-chemical coal mining-petroleum extraction and other industries.
Petroleum, which is an important energy source, needs to pay special attention to explosion-proof measures in the process of petroleum exploitation. Because petroleum itself is a flammable and explosive raw material. Petroleum mining still needs to be carried out day and night. The day is good, but the demand for lighting at night is undoubtedly a just-needed existence. The lighting tools used in the petroleum industry are quite strict.