Points for purchasing headlamp for mountaineering

2022-05-24 17:36:13

Points for buying mountaineering headlamp
1. The brightness is based on more than 50 lumens
Since it is used for lighting, brightness is of course the primary consideration. Lamps with brightness below 50 lumens are of little help, and it is advisable to choose items above this value when purchasing.
2. Ensure that the lighting range can be adjusted
For added convenience and practicality, select models with adjustable focal length (illumination range) or switchable tele or close-up modes.
3. Choose according to the power supply mode, whether to charge or install batteries
The power supply methods of mountaineering headlights can be roughly divided into two types: lithium batteries and dry batteries. Dry batteries are quite practical in any situation because they are easy to obtain and replace; but if you often challenge mountainous areas, it is recommended to choose cold-resistant lithium battery products.
4. The waterproof level is above IPX6
The weather on the mountain can be difficult to predict, so choose a headlight with a waterproof function to deal with all kinds of emergencies. Generally speaking, the waterproof level is marked by IPX, and the higher the number, the better the waterproof performance.
5. Broadband is relatively stable.
If the headband of the headlight has a certain width and can be neatly tightened, it can be firmly fixed on the head, and it is not easy to loosen even if it is shaken violently.
6. Make sure the size of the button and the sensitivity of the sensor In the final analysis, the headlight will only be used in the dark or in the case of insufficient lighting, and the convenience of operation is more important.
7. Confirm other additional functions such as red light and flashing mode
The light in the red light mode is enough to illuminate the surrounding environment, and it is not easy to disturb others. Even at night, the pupil will not be stimulated, and it can quickly restore night vision after closing, suitable for use in mountain houses and tents.
Eight, intelligent automatic sensor headlights
The high-quality parts make the light effect excellent, not only looks soft, but also has no flare in the light range, and the brightness is uniform and comfortable. In addition to direct charging, you can also purchase an external battery box for power supply. In addition, it has two modes: constant lighting and induction lighting.