Precautions for choosing the right flashlights

Precautions for choosing the right flashlights

May 19 ,2021

People often ask me, what do I want the brightest flashlights or the brightest flashlights, do you have any other recommendations for similar questions? In this regard, I want to tell my friends that the brighter the flashlights is not the better, you can choose the most suitable flashlights according to the specific use environment.


Authoritative scientific research shows that an environment with an illuminance above 1000 lux will make people’s eyes highly concentrated and prone to fatigue. Excessive lighting can also cause glare and damage the eyes. Anyone who has taken photos knows that when the exposure value is too high, only a piece of white can be seen in the photo, and the target cannot be seen clearly. In the same way, a flashlights that is too bright will make people see only white light and can't see the target clearly.

For outdoor search, the higher the brightness, the stronger the long-distance search ability, which helps to find teammates in the distance and identify the road ahead. Especially in the foggy outdoor environment, the visibility is low, and the strong brightness is the guarantee to keep the line of sight. But it is not suitable for close search and use high brightness, which will affect the battery life of the flashlights and hurt the eyes.

Therefore, outdoor exploration or search and rescue should choose a strong light flashlights with (high light-medium light-low light) mode, of course, it is best to bring (strobe-SOS). This can take into account long-distance search and short-distance lighting and battery life. You must know how important the battery life of an outdoor flashlights is!