Teach you how to choose a headlight that suits you

Teach you how to choose a headlight that suits you

October 24 ,2022

Generally speaking, outdoor activities such as mountaineering, camping and fishing, as well as work such as disaster prevention, fishing at sea and construction sites are also the most suitable for headlights. Whether a headlight is suitable for you depends on brightness and weight, as well as rechargeable and LED.

Tips for choosing headlights

Choose a headlight according to the application
One of the tricks to choosing a headlight is to first choose a headlight based on its purpose. What it is used for is very important. It is for outdoor activities such as travel, day trips and mountain climbing. Depending on where you want to use your headlights, the options narrow down.

travel and camping
In the case of travel, a wide-beam type headlight is recommended, ideal for illuminating nearby areas such as your hands when it gets dark. It's a type that can be purchased relatively cheaply and has a long-lasting battery. Conversely, if you choose a long-distance beam type headlight may not be suitable. Acting or talking with family and friends can be too dizzying and disturbing.
Outdoor Activities for a Day Trip
If it is a day outing, you will rarely use headlights, but it is also ok to bring a headlight just in case. In such cases, minimal brightness is sufficient, so a wide beam type is recommended.
For spending more than one night outdoors
Headlights are a must if you are staying overnight or for extended periods of time (eg night time). And the visibility at night is poor, it is recommended to use spotlight headlights with long-distance lighting. It's also a problem if the battery dies midway outdoors, so you should also check to see if the battery will last a long time.

Check the brightness of the headlights
The brightness of a headlight is a unit called lumens. This unit is usually printed on the product packaging, and you need to know the lumens of the headlight before you can find the right headlight for your purpose. First of all, lumens means "the total amount of light emitted by the light source", which means the amount of light emitted in all directions. The higher the lumens of the headlight, the more power it consumes.
Irradiation distance is also very important
The illumination distance is the distance that the emitted light reaches. The standard for this illumination distance is set by each manufacturer, but most manufacturers are equivalent to the moonlight on a full moon night. The package describes how far the irradiation distance is, the longer the distance, the deeper the irradiation.
Pay attention to the weight
When choosing a headlight, also consider its weight. Especially in the long-term outdoor activities that need to stay for more than one night, if it is too heavy, even if it is a high-function type, the burden on the head will increase. When purchasing headlights, it is not only necessary to choose from the configuration, but also to pay attention to the weight, balance, comfort and other aspects of the headlight. It is crucial to choose a headlight that will not cause burden and pressure.
Choose the right headlight for the scene
A headlamp also has different performance and price. Not all headlights on the market are the same, so it's important to choose the one that's easiest to use.
After choosing the type of headlamp that is right for your application, it's best to make specific choices based on specifications such as brightness and distance, as well as weight. In addition, headlights are not only useful for outdoor sports. Just in case, a flashlight is needed in life as an emergency lighting device to prevent emergencies from happening.