The Headlamp is a very important tool outdoors, easy to use

2021-11-26 15:20:48

Consider the use of Headlamp
a. If you don’t know how to walk at night, and you don’t need to use it to search for water sources at night, you just have a leisurely dinner in the camp, you don’t need to use too complicated lamps. In this case, the simplest LED lamps are enough. , The lighting time is long, the use is economical, and the convenience and compactness are enough.
b. If you are often in the wild, you may have to go to the mountains in the middle of the night in the rain. In this case, there is an incandescent light source lamp with sufficient brightness, which is waterproof and reliable, and it is more power-saving and has a longer range. What you need to consider first, in short, what you need is a well-balanced lamp.
c. If you plan to do a long-distance trip, then you need not only enough lighting time, but also the necessary lighting brightness. At the same time, two lamps with different types of batteries may make you depressed. Then, dual-light lamps are you the best choice.