Things to pay attention to when choosing an outdoor flashlight

2022-02-08 10:55:30

At present, the continuous lighting time of outdoor flashlights is usually not long, which requires us to bring backup batteries as needed. At the same time, in the actual use process, appropriate selection of medium light or low light illumination is beneficial to prolong the lighting time of the flashlight. In addition, you can also consider choosing a flashlight powered by multiple batteries, which will last longer.

Many friends who are primary candidates for outdoor flashlights always feel that the operation of multi-speed flashlights is too cumbersome. In fact, it is not necessary for the outdoor flashlight to have multiple gears, at least with strong light, weak light, and flashing functions. The single-speed flashlight is not flexible enough. The flashlight with medium light or low light can be switched in time, which helps to dissipate heat and prolong the lighting time of the flashlight. It is best to have a flashlight with a low brightness level that can reach more than tens of hours, in order to prepare for continuous lighting every night for more than a week in extreme cases.

The environment of outdoor activities is complex, and no one can guarantee what kind of situation you will encounter. It is very dangerous if the flashlight is not enough when you need high-brightness lighting. At the same time, the long-range light can also make it easier for others to find it in an emergency. Therefore, a high-brightness flashlight is an essential lighting tool, especially for exploring unfamiliar road sections. The maximum brightness of the flashlight should exceed 200 lumens, and the lighting distance should be more than 100 meters.
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