What are the types of flashlights?

2022-07-29 08:53:51

Flashlights mainly include LED strong light flashlights, LED rechargeable flashlights, LED mini flashlights, LED outdoor flashlights and LED explosion-proof flashlights.

At present, all kinds of lighting flashlights on the market mainly include plastic flashlights, LED flashlights, iron flashlights, aluminum alloy flashlights, stainless steel flashlights, hand-cranked flashlights, environmentally friendly flashlights, and electric mosquito slap flashlights. Here we focus on the classification of LED flashlights.

At present, the common LED flashlights include small keychain type, multi-lamp type, single lamp type and high-power type. From the perspective of the type of power supply, some use one AA battery or one AAA battery, some use three AAA batteries, some use three button batteries, and some use manual power generation and so on.