When you first enter the outdoors, the importance of using headlamp outdoors

2022-05-24 17:21:28

A headlamp, as the name suggests, is a light source that can be worn on the head or hat, freeing hands, and used to illuminate.
Headlights are currently often used in trail running competitions. Whether short-distance 30-50 kilometers or long-distance events of about 50-100, they will be listed as mandatory equipment to carry. For ultra-long events longer than 100 kilometers, you need to bring at least two headlights and spare batteries. Almost every contestant has the experience of walking at night, and the importance of headlights is self-evident.
And in the call-up posts for outdoor activities, headlights are often listed as essential equipment. The road conditions in the mountains are complex, and it is often impossible to complete the plan according to the established time. Especially in winter, the days are short and the nights are long. It is also crucial to carry a headlamp with you.
Also essential in camping activities. Packing, cooking and even going to the toilet in the middle of the night, will be used.
In some extreme sports, the role of headlights is more obvious, such as high altitude, long-distance climbing and caving.